Training your flexibility is a very different journey from training strength, endurance, speed, or even technique-based fitness like dance or sports. Many of the mental strategies that one uses to get through your standard CrossFit, weight lifting, running, or spinning workout are inappropriate for confronting flexibility fitness. It is important to approach your flexibility training with a sense of calm energy. Your standard fitness philosophy can be summed up by some of the most prevalent inspirational fitness T-shirts and posters: Go Hard or Go Home, Train Like a Beast, or my favorite Jillian Michael’s quote:

  This is Part 1 of a three part article on stretching for adults, addressing techniques and approaches specific to training flexibility in more experienced bodies. There is a great and widely revered myth in our society that flexibility is one of the benefits of youth and that, as we age, our range of motion is lost forever. Even more sacrosanct is the belief that flexibility is genetic, either you have it or you don’t and if you have always been tight you are condemned to a lifetime of increasing creakiness. Neither of