Back warmers don’t create heat, they are just simple tubes of warm, cozy material that keep your body heat in and your muscles warm. They are used by contortionists the world over in training and warm ups. Fun fact: Your muscles are happiest stretching at 1-2 degrees above your normal body temperature. This is particularly important for the small, delicate muscles of the lower back, which are prone to tightness, bruising, cramping and possible injury when engaging in deep backbends (or even little backbends if your back is just getting used to that

  One of the most important tools in maintaining your body's joints and increasing flexibility is a good supply of Omega Fatty Acids. I recommend either a *high quality* fish oil or, if you are vegetarian or otherwise fish-averse, a high quality flax seed oil. Quality makes a big difference, especially with the fish oils. You want to consider the source, quality, freshness, potency, and purity of the oil and check to see if it is from a sustainable fishery. Here is an article with more information than you ever thought you wanted to know on fish