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Exotic Dance

Exotic Dance

Exotic Dance

Strengthen and stretch while showing off your ass-ets! Unlock the ancient mysteries of the “stripper-split!” Learn to melt and glide fluidly over the floor like the sexy caterpillar that you are!

Class begins with a slow and sexy warm-up to get your joints gooey and your abs fired up, then progresses to crawling, rolling, and other transitional movement across the floor.

Next comes the sexy choreography, with trick variations to accommodate every level of dancer. Class ends with a freestyle dance, so you can unleash your inner sex-goddess all over the walls, floor and ceiling!

Dress code: Kneepads are a must! Also recommended: stilettos (made for dancing), legwarmers, a long-sleeved shirt or pullover for floorwork, and your favorite sexy dance clothes–whether it’s a bikini or sweatpants!

>> New to Fit & Bendy?

We offer new benders a special $60 intro deal for 2 Flexibility Fitness + 2 Dance/Workout classes. Click here to sign up!

  • $ 18
    One Time Payment
  • Drop-In Class

Are you an artist, student, or someone with stuff in your life that makes you rich in experience but light on cash? Email us using the form below for a 10% discount on all of our classes for as long as you need it.

If you are interested in our work/trade program for free classes, we’d love to hear from you.

Bring a friend to class and you both get two classes for the price of one!