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Floor Barre

Floor Barre

Floor Barre

Floor Barre Ballet training is not only an essential component for developing ballet technique but it is also extremely important for rehabilitation after injury. Taking the element of gravity out of the equation and adding the enforced alignment of the floor allows the dancer to neuro muscularly break down and train elements of technique and form that no other format can match.

As a warm up to a full ballet class, Floor Barre is the ultimate, as a stand alone workout, Floor Barre is as thoroughly exhausting and comprehensive as any mat class. As a challenge for range of motion, flexibility, and mobility Floor Barre is a great addition to any athlete’s rehab and prehab practice.

Most of all, learning to move your body with grace and strength without having to worry about falling down as you try something new, and under the careful supervision of a trained ballet dancer … well it will floor you. Yep….I said it. Because it’s true. Only one class will prove it. Get on the floor and dance!

Some dance experience is required to be familiar with ballet positions and terminology, though beginner dancers are welcome.

“Cati’s floor barre is the perfect class for conditioning and strengthening long lean muscles. Working on the floor keeps you safe – and honest, you’ll discover muscles you never knew you had! I always feel so released afterwards, and I love taking ballet class straight away – I get more out of my training. Highly recommended for all abilities! ”

-Ashleigh Wilson, Judge and dance teacher at YAGP

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New to Fit & Bendy? We’re offering new clients a special $60 intro deal for 2 Flexibility Fitness + 2 Dance/Workout classes. Click here to redeem!


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