Equipment Suggestions

Fit & Bendy does our best to keep equipment requirements to a minimum, and we offer common household items as alternatives whenever possible. However, if you are wondering what we suggest, here are a few of our go-to favorites.
Stretching Mat

It’s always nice to have a comfortable, clean designated spot for your stretching. There are a plethora of mats available and you can find one that works for your desires and price point. We like the Balanced Body mat, it is a good thickness for stretch class while providing nice grip.


Common household alternative: a rug, carpet, or towel that can be folded to cushion your knees and elbows.

Yoga Blocks

These props are useful in a million different ways to provide support and challenge. You can find hundreds of variations and sizes online but our favorite comes from Clever Yoga brand at the studio for eco-friendliness and durability.


Common household alternative: A stack of heavy books or a small stool can stand in well!

Yoga Strap

We often use these for support and challenge in different stretching and strengthening positions. Again, we turn to Clever Yoga for our favorite straps in the studio.


Common household alternative: A belt or dog leash does nicely, though they aren’t as long as most yoga straps so certain poses may be more difficult.

Resistance Band

This is a fabulous tool for stretching and stabilization training that we use all the time in the studio, especially for upper body work. The top brand is Theraband though many others are also available. You can get a variety of weights in the band. We most commonly use red (medium) but you can get a few different ones depending on your needs.


Common household alternative: It’s really difficult to come up with a replacement for this. The closest I can come is a bungee cord or the elastic band from a pair of sweatpants. If anyone has a better idea let me know!


These are similar to the resistance band and you may not need both, but we use the loops a lot for strength training in the studio. We like this set since it comes with a variety of weights from light to heavy which allows you to choose the right resistance for each exercise.


Common household alternative: These don’t have a great alternative either. Still thinking of a bungee cord or the elastic band from a pair of sweatpants. Maybe some rubber tubing tied in a circle?

11 Inch Physio Ball

This humble squishy ball is fantastic strength training prop, especially for abdominal work. It’s a fav around the FaB studio for all that core and stability work and as an aid in learning more advanced backbending.


Common household alternative: It’s hard to replace the squishy ball. The best option would be a fat, firm pillow that you could fold in half.


We use sliders for both hands and feet in our flexibility and strength training classes. They don’t work very well on thick carpet or tile but are great for most floors.


Common household alternative: There are a lot of options here, the easiest being fuzzy socks (yes those work on your hands too). Folded up washcloths or dusters work on hardwood floors and two pieces of thick cardboard are dynamite on carpet.