Flexibility Courses

Fit & Bendy’s online stretching + flexibility courses are an excellent way to dive deep into the world of contortion training in a consistent video classroom environment.

Course semesters start every 2 months and we change our offerings regularly, including: flexibility, handstands, contortion, acro skills, tools and movement for dancers.

As a result, our classes offer a new understanding of your body and how it works like anatomy and practical kinesiology. Learn more about flexibility expert (flexpert) head coach Kristina Cañizares and our world-class contortion training instructor team.

Click here to view our schedule for flexibility training online intensives. Please note that ALL CLASSES ARE LISTED IN PACIFIC TIME.

To access our intensives, create an account with us by clicking here.

Once you have an account, the Zoom link will appear in the class listing one hour before class time.

To attend intensive courses, you must have access to high-speed internet. Certain classes also require that you have a webcam so that the instructor can see you and give you feedback.

3 - 6 weeks long, meeting 1 - 2 times per week

Curated coursework for weekly progression

Webcam required, sessions recorded to watch later

Classes capped at smaller sizes for more interaction