Live Streamed Contortion Classes

Fit & Bendy offers daily live streamed contortion training classes you can drop into on Zoom, wherever you are in the world! Learn more about our flexibility expert (flexpert) head coach Kristina Cañizares and our world-class contortion training instructor team.

Click here to view our schedule for live stream contortion & flexibility classes. Please note that ALL CLASSES ARE LISTED IN PACIFIC TIME.

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Once you have an account, the Zoom link will appear in the class listing one hour before class time.

To attend drop-in classes, you must have access to high-speed internet. Certain classes also require that you have a webcam so that the instructor can see you and give you feedback.

Book Drop-In Flexibility Training Classes Fit & Bendy

No commitment - drop in when you are available

Cancel up to 1 hour before class without losing class credit

No camera required (except for Semi-Private Technique class)

Not recorded - attending class in real time is necessary

  • $ 15

Intro to Contortion

One of our most popular online flexibility classes is Intro to Contortion, a 90-minute workout that builds the foundational strength, mobility, balance, control, and focus you need to dive into the challenging world of advanced flexibility. After a full-body warm-up, you will stretch all the major muscle groups and do targeted, end-range strengthening exercises to develop strength and stability in your joints.

The skills you will learn in this class include front splits, middle splits, shoulder, and upper back flexibility, and various back bending positions culminating in a lovely bridge (wheel pose).

There are no prerequisites for this class but we do recommend that you be reasonably fit and injury-free as it is a solid hour and a half of nonstop work and stretch. You will sweat. Stay hydrated!

Equipment list: mat and open space to move, two yoga blocks, and a non-elastic strap to use as a stretching aid. Additional equipment that can enhance your workout: mini loops, theraband, sliders. Visit our equipment list page for more info.

Online Beginner Flexibility: Bendy Body

Flexibility is necessary for our daily lives, but so many of our regular activities lead to tight, angry, painful muscles. This 60-minute class addresses many of the common ways that bodies feel immobile: tight hamstrings, lower back pain, neck pain (tech neck), tight shoulders and hip flexors, and wrist/elbow issues from typing and texting.

We gently stretch and strengthen your unhappy muscles and work to reassure your stressed-out nervous system to increase flexibility in the functional range (what you need for a happy, healthy day-to-day life).

There are no prerequisites for the class other than being cleared by your medical professional for physical exercise if you are recovering from injury or illness.

Equipment list: mat and open space to move, a non-elastic strap to use as a stretching aid, and an optional squishy ball. Visit our equipment list page for more info.

Semi-Private Technique Class

If you have been training flexibility for a while, you feel comfortable working on splits and backbends, and you want to start learning contortion poses like over splits, standing splits, chest stand, elbow stand, and contortion handstand, this 90-minute class is for you. Limited to just 8 students, this class is tailored to your needs and you will be able to ask questions and get real-time feedback from the instructor.

We feel this is the safest way to teach more advanced techniques online, ensuring the proper form and understanding. You will move through a rigorous warm-up then the rest of the class will be spent learning progressive drills, tips, and adjustments to build the strength and flexibility needed for these more advanced contortion poses and transitions.

You must have regular flexibility practice, ability to sit in a split for at least 30 seconds even if you are not completely flat on the floor, and comfort in a bridge (wheel pose) backbend. We strongly recommend taking at least 1 Intro to Contortion class first to get familiar with the FaB method.

Equipment list: mat and open space to move preferably with an open wall you can use for stretching, two yoga blocks (more if you are working on over splits), and a non-elastic strap, mini loops, theraband, sliders. Visit our equipment list page for more info. 

Note on pricing: Semi-Private classes are $25 per drop-in.

Equipment list: a mat, room to move around, and a wall. Visit our equipment list page for more info.