[qodef_section_title position=”left” title_tag=”” disable_break_words=”no” title=”Flexibility Training FAQ”]
[qodef_accordion style=”toggle”][qodef_accordion_tab title=”Do I have to be flexible to take class at FaB?”]

No! You do not have to be bendy already to come train with us. We welcome both the flexy, and flexy-curious to our classes, just find the offering that is right for your level. Our instructors are skilled at offering adaptations if an exercise doesn’t work for you.

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Read about our live stream drop-in classes & online intensives to find which one best fits your experience and goals. If you still have questions about what would work best for you, please contact us.

[/qodef_accordion_tab][/qodef_accordion][qodef_accordion style=”toggle”][qodef_accordion_tab title=”I want to understand a little more about FaB before I sign up!”]

Fantastic! It’s great to be informed. Read a little more about our philosophy of stretching.

[qodef_section_title position=”left” title_tag=”” disable_break_words=”no” text_tag=”” text_font_weight=”” title=”Technology Requirements FAQ” text=”Fit & Bendy is doing our best to make our services easy to access from any device. Below is a handy FAQ to help you figure out what you need.”]
[qodef_accordion style=”toggle”][qodef_accordion_tab title=”What platforms does Fit & Bendy use for streaming classes and live coaching?”]

All of our group classes are taught via Zoom. Our private lessons are taught by your choice of Zoom or Skype. If neither of these platforms works for you, please let us know and we will do our best to find an alternative.

[/qodef_accordion_tab][/qodef_accordion][qodef_accordion style=”toggle”][qodef_accordion_tab title=”How will I get my Zoom link once I sign up?”]

Once you are enrolled in a class or course, your Zoom link is available by logging into your account and clicking on the class listing within one hour of the class start time. If you don’t see the link, please make sure that you are actually enrolled in the class or course.

If you do not receive your Zoom info please contact us immediately.

[/qodef_accordion_tab][/qodef_accordion][qodef_accordion style=”toggle”][qodef_accordion_tab title=”What time zone are your classes in?”]

All of our classes are listed in Pacific Standard Time. Unfortunately, our booking software does not adjust for time zones.

[/qodef_accordion_tab][/qodef_accordion][qodef_accordion style=”toggle”][qodef_accordion_tab title=”What platform does Fit & Bendy use for On Demand content?”]

Our On Demand videos are all hosted on the Fit & Bendy Vimeo page. To purchase them you will need to make an account with Vimeo where your workouts can be stored and accessed. 

[/qodef_accordion_tab][/qodef_accordion][qodef_accordion style=”toggle”][qodef_accordion_tab title=”Can I access classes and coaching with my mobile device?”]

Yes! Zoom, Skype, and Vimeo all have apps for both iOS and Android devices as well as Windows and Mac desktop computers. These apps are free and easy to install.

[/qodef_accordion_tab][/qodef_accordion][qodef_accordion style=”toggle”][qodef_accordion_tab title=”Do I need high speed internet?”]

For the live stream classes and coaching, you will need reliable high-speed internet since these classes happen in real-time.

[/qodef_accordion_tab][/qodef_accordion][qodef_accordion style=”toggle”][qodef_accordion_tab title=”Are the classes recorded so that I can watch them later?”]

FaB does not provide recordings of our drop-in group classes, those must be attended live and refunds are not provided if you miss a class without canceling at least 15 minutes prior to start time. We do provide recordings of some of our Intensives including the Intro to Contortion Series so that you can access them for homework or if you miss a date. The recordings will be available until two weeks after the end date of the course.

If you want content that you can access at any time, check out our On Demand workouts.

[/qodef_accordion_tab][/qodef_accordion][qodef_accordion style=”toggle”][qodef_accordion_tab title=”Can I record class?”]

We ask that you not record our live stream classes out of respect to the other students and our coaches. Any redistribution of class content is a violation of Fit & Bendy’s copyright.

[/qodef_accordion_tab][/qodef_accordion][qodef_accordion style=”toggle”][qodef_accordion_tab title=”Do I need a webcam?”]

Some students take class without a webcam, so you can see the teacher but they can’t see you. That’s fine with us. However most students prefer to have their camera on so that the instructor can see them and give feedback. Coaching sessions are very difficult to do without that visual connection.

[/qodef_accordion_tab][/qodef_accordion][qodef_accordion style=”toggle”][qodef_accordion_tab title=”How much room do I need?”]

It depends on the class. In general, the dance classes require a more open space to move but our instructors are aware that you are likely taking this class in your home and may not have a lot of space for traveling. No giant leaps or multiple cartwheels will be required of you!

[/qodef_accordion_tab][/qodef_accordion][qodef_accordion style=”toggle”][qodef_accordion_tab title=”What equipment do I need?”]

Each class has a list of suggested equipment and a link to where you can buy it, as well as some common household items that can be used instead. We can almost always offer equipment-free options except for a few classes, in which case that requirement will be noted in the sign-up information. For more on equipment, click here.