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Frequently Asked Questions

I want to work on flexibility! Which class is right for me?

We have four different drop-in flexibility classes at FaB HQ. Pick the one that sounds like the best fit for your needs:

Bendy Body is the place to start if you are newer to flexibility training, recovering from injury or time off, or don’t have a regular fitness practice that includes mobility (or at all). For all of you who consider yourselves “tight”, this is the right class for you. All bodies, all fitness levels are welcome here.

Intro to Contortion is our intermediate flexibility class. It is longer, at 90 minutes, so it requires some stamina. You will sweat! This class includes a lot of active stretching working up to contortion basics like splits and backbends with strength and grace. You will get a full-body flexibility workout.

Bendy Beast is our advanced intermediate class for those with a regular flexibility practice who want to develop more strength, control, endurance, and bend. This is our beloved Intro class turned up to 11!

Contortion Coaching for the Experienced Bender is our personalized coaching offering in a group setting. For those who have a regular practice but want to hone in on specific needs or skills, this class is a good fit. We strongly encourage you to take at least a few Intro classes before this class so that you are familiar with our basics.

I’m new to dance but I want to try out a dance class. Where should I start?

The majority of our dance classes are perfect for beginner dancers. We offer adult Beginner Ballet, beginner/intermediate Belly Dance, and a variety of sensual movement offerings including Werk Flow and Exotic Dance that focus on expression and finding joy in movement. It all depends on what you are looking for!

What do I need to bring to class?

Mostly just yourself! Wear comfortable clothes that you can move in. We do have mats available for your use but some folks like to bring their own, so you do you! If you are coming to ballet class please bring ballet slippers or socks. High heels are optional for Exotic Dance. There is a water fountain at the studio but we always recommend a water bottle to stay hydrated.

What is the minimum age for your classes?

Our usual minimum age is 13 for all of our classes. However we do make exceptions for particularly focused young people who are comfortable in an adult environment. If you have questions about this please reply to this email and we will work with you.

Do you have gender neutral facilities?

Yes! Our restroom is gender neutral and we strive to use gender neutral language in all of our teaching and materials. If we mess up please let us know!

Is your facility ADA compliant?

Yes! Our front door, restroom, and water fountain are compliant and we welcome all bodies in our classes. Movement and expression are everyone’s birthright.

I’m nervous! What if I’m not good at it?

That’s ok! None of us were good at it when we started. It’s ok if you struggle through the whole class. It’s ok if you can’t do something. It’s ok if it’s hard. It’s ok if you translate the movement differently through your body. It’s ok if you’re nervous. If you try it and don’t like it that’s ok too. And if you try it and like it and keep coming back it will get easier as it becomes more familiar. We are here to support you through all of it.