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Fit & Bendy Pop Up

Introducing Fit & Bendy Pop-Ups & Workshops

Let us bring the Bend to your studio! We know that whatever you do with your body, proper range of motion can make it better. We can unlock the mysteries of proper stretching form and technique and help your clients see results.

While we love touring all over the world, FaB is proud to call Los Angeles home. LA is the fitness capital of the United States, and we love being a part of the fitness revolution. We want to partner with you, our neighbor, to bring Flexibility Fitness to your clientele. Whether it is advanced bend for your dancers and aerialists, circus technique for your yogis, or ankle and shoulder mobility for a powerful clean & press, we can help. Choose from our popular workshops, or request something tailored for your needs.

We desire to create new connections within the fitness industry. We welcome this opportunity to merge our expertise with your expertise and continue to make LA the place to be for the very best in fitness. Stretch the potential with us (pun completely intended)!

What Do You Get?

•    World class Flexibility Fitness Instruction tailored for your studio and students

•    The Fit & Bendy Pop Up Shop with our DVDs, flexibility props, and super yummy High Performance Back warmers

•    Optional add-ons including private one-on-one instruction or Q&A sessions for the bold and the curious

•    Promotions: We will list you on our website, promote your studio and workshop in our social media, and say nice things about you over brunch

•    Wholesale discount to purchase of FaB products for your store

Flexibility Fitness (Beginning Bender)
1.5 hrs

Designed for adults who want safe, effective ways to increase their flexibility and range of motion, this workshop is a full-body flexibility workout. Students will learn how to safely stretch their legs, hips, shoulders, and back while building the muscle and balance needed to use your flexibility. This class is a real workout and clearly demonstrates that flexibility and strength are not mutually exclusive, they are in fact mutually dependent for optimal performance. No prerequisites.

Intro to Contortion Training (Intermediate Bender)
2 hrs

Even if you are naturally flexible, or have stretched for years, there will be parts of your body that resist change. This workshop helps intermediate benders kick their flexibility training into high gear by addressing common muscle imbalances, deconstructing technique for more advanced positions, and demonstrating helpful approaches to releasing chronically tight muscles. The workshop combines some theory with a lot of application so that students come away with a deeper understanding of the what and the why of their stretching routines. Participants should have 2+ years of flexibility training.

Contortion Technique & Advanced Stretching (Intermediate/Advanced Bender)
2 hrs

This workshop is for the intermediate/advanced bender who wants to get fancy. If you already have an intermediate to advanced flexibility training but don’t know what to do with it, this class will break down a training progression for popular contortion tricks including standing splits, the waterfall backbend, catch ankles, needle scale, elbow stand, chest stand, and handstands. Not all of these moves can be covered in two hours, so specific tricks will be chosen based on the participants’ desires. Participants should have 3+ years of regular flexibility training, have all three splits and a comfortable backbend, and warm themselves up ahead of time to make the most of the session. Maximum 15 participants.

Scheduling & Pricing

Fit & Bendy recognizes the demands of running a studio and we will work with you to design a package tailored to your needs. Based on studio size and local markets, the particulars may change from location to location. By understanding your needs and assisting in promotions, we will do our best to bring the bend without breaking the bank.

Click here to reach out to us so that we can get to know each other better and get the ball rolling.