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Sit & Bendy

Stretches to do at Your Desk

Desk life is a part of the modern world, but there is no doubt that  all that sitting is hard on our bodies. This workout is designed to counteract the aches and pains and tightness commonly felt after a long day of sitting still. And best yet, you can do it all without getting up from your desk!

Sit & Bendy is a series of short stretches for the legs, hips, torso, shoulders, wrists, and spine that can be done individually or as a series as your time allows throughout your day. Waiting for a page to load? Do a stretch! Lunch break? Do a bunch of stretches!

All of these stretches are beginner/intermediate level, gentle, and require no warm-up ahead of time. They are designed to open up the areas that are particularly prone to cramping, weakness, and tightness from sitting too long. The wrist series is good for counter-acting the effects of typing/mousing.

All you need is a chair, and a desk. We are using a chair with wheels which makes some of the scooting stuff a little easier but isn’t necessary. Yes, you will look weird doing some of these things. But if your co-workers tease you just tell them that you enjoy being the weirdest person in the office. Weird is cool. And if your boss wonders what you are up to let them know that productivity goes up when your body feels good and energized. It’s science.

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