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Fit & Bendy Instructors

Aubre Hill

Aubre Hill is an international dance artist, choreographer, master teacher and event producer. Her training includes extensive years in Raqs Sharqi Bellydance, Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Hiphop, Musical Theatre, Pilates, and Folk dance. This training helped develop a style original to Aubre’s artistic voice, which gave her a place onstage with the Bellydance Superstars and countless other theatre and concert productions. Performing across Europe, Egypt, Asia, and North America, she has become one of the most sought after dance artists, including residences at the Folies Bergere, acclaimed guest artist for “Fuse the World,” and her own show on the Discovery channel.

With over 27 years of teaching experience, Aubre brings a nurturing and inspiring approach to her students. Honoring their own bodies and experiences while learning new tools of awareness, musicality, cultural nuance, and expression, her students learn how to develop their own voice in their own art. Empowerment through rigorous training, healthy honesty, and wonderful challenge, her classes are unique and addicting in the best ways possible.

Aubre Hill instructor fit and bendy

Cati Jean

Originally from The south of France, Cati Jean leads her career from Los Angeles. International teacher and Choreographer in the industry, as well as the theatre, her style is fluid, sensual, intense and touching. She has been developing her own technique based on the 5 elements, connected to the balance, dynamic et priorities of dance. This technique welcomes the artist to find his/her unique vocabulary and to surpass himself/herself. Cati, also concentrates on developing “The actor” within the “Dancer” with a very organic and natural way, using “Stanislavski technique” Sense memory. From the stage to the studio, she gives her whole body and soul, in order to share her passion.

Cati has performed alongside many world renown artists such as Toni Braxton, Ricky Martin, Paula Abdul, Jay-Z, Tina Turner, to name a few. She has also choreographed for popular television shows, films, and live shows as well as world tours.

Cati Jean instructor fit and bendy

Lily Huang

Lily began her flexibility journey in 2009 while taking pole dancing classes. When she moved to San Francisco in 2011, she started taking contortion classes at several of the circus schools in the Bay Area. Once she moved to Los Angeles, she sought out Kristina Nekyia and Fit & Bendy based on the recommendation of one of her instructors.

Lily joined the Fit & Bendy team in 2015 as one of the first certified instructors and has helped many others in their flexibility training the same way that Fit & Bendy has helped her. As she continues to guide others with their flexibility journey, she is also conquering her own training and flexibility goals!

“It’s taken years (with a baby thrown in there), but I can now do middle splits without having to give myself a 10 minute pep talk and lots of moaning and groaning. In fact, now I’ve got a pretty solid over middle split!”

Lily Huang instructor fit and bendy

Lena Fumi

Lena has been training contortion under Fit & Bendy since October of 2013 at the age of 36. She has a background in classical ballet, jazz, modern dance, and had (in her much younger years) the opportunity to train with the San Francisco Ballet and members of the Joffrey ballet.

As an adult, her career took a different path into Technology/Engineering support, but she continued to dance and find new ways of exploring movement, while staying creative and agile outside of the office. After taking up pole dancing, she wanted to gain some flexibility to challenge herself in new ways and enhance her performance skills. This is when she followed a friend to a Fit & Bendy class. It changed her life in so many ways!  Lena became one of the first certified Fit & Bendy instructors in 2015 and is currently also a working professional contortionist and aerialist aside from teaching.

Lena Fumi fit and bendy instructor

Kyla Carter

Kyla Carter is a professional shapeshifter. She is a contortionist, pole dancer, and plays with other oddities. Her background in rhythmic gymnastics lead her to the magical world of cirque at the age of 13. At the age of 15 she got the lovely opportunity to perform with Cirque Du Soleil. Growing up around the circus gave her an outlet to let her freak flag fly without judgement.

“I have been contorting for about a decade now. I recently realized that the path I chose is the best long term relationship I’ve ever had. Trials and tribulations were well communicated and met with love and patience. This resulted in such a beautiful and limitless experience with the body I’m in. Working with my body in such an extreme has allowed me to create a relationship where I don’t feel trapped in my vessel. I am a limitless orb of energy shapeshifting my way through this world. I started working with Kristina in September 2018. She took one look at my body while I was stretching my splits and helped me adjust what I have had issues with for years. She gave me a new positive relationship with my hip flexors. I feel connected to my body even more now! I am so happy to be a part of the Fit and Bendy Team.”

Kyla Carter Instructor Fit and Bendy

Brynn Route

Brynn Route is a contortion-trained pole artist based in Los Angeles.  She has over 17 years of a combined background in gymnastics, acrobatic pole, and movement.  Brynn discovered circus arts and was immediately hooked when she realized it could combine her childhood training in gymnastics with her love of artistic expression.  Her passion for performance has taken her around the world and has provided her opportunities to collaborate with artists from all walks of life. She is honored and grateful to be able to share what she loves through performance and workshop instruction.

Brynn Route Instructor Fit and Bendy

Sioux ZQ

Sioux ZQ is a Los Angeles based performing artist and instructor, currently completing her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree at CSUN. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in World Arts & Cultures – Dance from UCLA, and a Master’s degree in Film & TV Production from USC. She began training dance in 1997, aerial in 2010, and pole in 2012. She has taught dance and circus fitness classes for 6 years at studios throughout Los Angeles, including Artistic Athletics, InFit, and Luscious Maven.

Sioux’s obsession with dance science, anatomy, and injury rehabilitation led her to the world of physical therapy. She has worked successfully in the clinical setting as a PT Aide and a DPT intern, and plans to work as a physical therapist specializing in dance and circus artists upon completion of her doctorate Sioux took her first class at Fit and Bendy in 2015, and immediately fell in love with Kristina’s intelligent approach to contortion training, incorporating it into her physical therapy practice.

Sioux ZQ Instructor Fit and Bendy

Micah Walters

Micah Walters is a multi-disciplinary coach and circus artist specializing in flexibility, dance and acrobatics. As a coach, Micah emphasizes alignment, conditioning and progressions to help his students achieve their goals and overcome their limitations.

Each class is built with foundational corrective exercise with consideration for the students and their current state. This conservative yet structured approach makes Micah’s classes appropriate for students of all levels, ages and abilities. As an artist, Micah utilizes his gifts to weave movement and music into a story. Micah has a style which combines acrobatics, contortion and handstands with elements of classical and contemporary dance. Micah is beyond excited to contribute to Fit & Bendy.

Micah Walters Fit & Bendy Instructor

Michelle L’amour

Michelle L’amour is an international renown burlesque performer and instructor. She holds the title of Miss Exotic World 2005 and has been inducted into the Burlesque Hall of Fame in Vegas. She has been featured in many documentaries and TV shows like America’s Got Talent and MTV’s Amazingness. From Chicago, and now living in LA, Michelle brings her 16 years of experience to the west coast. After running a burlesque school in Chicago for 10 years (Studio L’amour), she is excited to get back to the classroom in her new city!

Fan Dancing Fantasy Michelle L'Amour Fit and Bendy Workshop

Flannery Flanagan

Flannery Flanagan is a professional dancer and performance artist that has studied a wide range of techniques from contemporary to contortion. She believes in an aspect of play and honesty in dancing over perfect technique. Her goal is to awaken everyone to the truth that we are all made to dance! Flannery has performed with Coco Rosie, Margaret Cho, SORNE; featured in Facebook Live commercials, trained in butoh under Yoshito Ohno in Yokohama, and toured the US doing her unique form of burlesque. She currently co-produces Dr. Leonid’s Operational Theater, an experimental art salon at Fit and Bendy!

Flannery Flanigan Fit and Bendy instructor

Gloria Anbere

Gloria started training at Fit and Bendy in 2015 after overhearing her aerial instructors attribute their flexibility progress to Kristina and rave about Kristina’s teaching method and approach towards flexibility. Being ever so curious, Gloria took her first class with Kristina and was greatly humbled by the amount of strength required for contortion.

She continued to train at Fit and Bendy, first taking intro to contortion classes to build strength and improve alignment for flexibility, then progressing to advance contortion for more focused flexibility training. In the many years training with Kristina, Gloria has not only increased her range of motion, but also improved her body awareness and control. Gloria has been able to apply all she’s learned and gained to the various activities she does outside flexibility training, which include aerial arts, weightlifting, CrossFit, calisthenics, and dance to name a few. As an instructor, Gloria hopes to help guide and assist students through their flexibility journey and foster a positive learning environment for students as they progress.

Sioux ZQ Instructor Fit and Bendy