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Micah Walters

Micah Walters

Micah Walters is a multi-disciplinary coach and circus artist specializing in flexibility, dance and acrobatics. As a coach, Micah emphasizes alignment, conditioning and progressions to help his students achieve their goals and overcome their limitations.

Each class is built with foundational corrective exercise with consideration for the students and their current state. This conservative yet structured approach makes Micah’s classes appropriate for students of all levels, ages and abilities. As an artist, Micah utilizes his gifts to weave movement and music into a story. Micah has a style which combines acrobatics, contortion and handstands with elements of classical and contemporary dance. Micah is beyond excited to contribute to Fit & Bendy.

Micah Walters Fit & Bendy Instructor


)) Beginning Handstands

Come learn the basics and explore the world of handstands with coach Micah. Beginning handstands is a class for all levels that focuses on foundational conditioning designed to improve alignment and technique. Students should expect to work on a variety of handstands with help from props to help modify and build confidence, strength and stamina.

)) Int/Advanced Handstands

Come deepen your repertoire of handstands and other inverted arm balances with coach Micah. Int/ Advanced handstands is appropriate for students who can confidently kick up to handstand without depending on a wall for support. This class will focus on advancing your practice of handstands in various shapes as well as developing the coveted “press to handstand” technique. Students should expect conditioning that reinforces alignment as well as drills that help re-pattern problematic elements.

)) Slither

Come hither and come slither with coach Micah. Slither combines flexibility, acrobatics and dance in a 90- minute class focused on helping students to move in expressive and bendy ways. Slither is a 3 part class. The first part will be focused on conditioning and flexibility to prepare the body to move in and out of elastic positions. The second part will be focused on acrobatics and transitions between positions. In the third part, students will learn choreography that combines the flexibility, acrobatics and dance movement, all set to music.

)) Flexibility Technique

Come get elastic with coach Micah. Micah’s approach to flexibility is informed by a multidisciplinary background. Elements of yoga, pilates and floor barre mix with acrobatic and contortion training. Students should expect a thorough warm up and a full spectrum class focused on global flexibility. This class emphasizes active flexibility drills to help students approach contortion level tricks.