December 21, 2018

Enver Gjokaj, Actor

by Kristina Canizares in

Enver Gjokaj Actor Fit & Bendy

“I came to Kristina after trying chiropractic, acupuncture and at least 5 physical therapists. But their goal seemed to be to mitigate pain, not solve the underlying problem. For years they had been squinting and guessing at what might be the problem with my shoulder. Within minutes, Kristina had put me through a couple exercises and had isolated the issue. I could see right away that she had both an intuitive and technical knowledge of the human body. I’m so relieved to finally be in sure hands.

I won’t lie, it has not been an easy road. I came to Kristina with years of injury and misuse exacerbated by weight lifting. But I stopped guessing and I started getting steady results. Now, about six months later, our slow and methodical base work is really beginning to bear fruit. Yes, I’m in better shape. But I can’t express how much better my body just works.”