September 18, 2023

Lena Fumi, Contortionist

by veridylan in

Lena Fumi Contortionist Fit & Bendy

“Starting my flexibility and contortion journey with Kristina has been absolutely integral to my training and healthy career as a strong bendy person! Not only have I been able to surpass any notion of my dreams, but working with Kristina is where I began to realize them. 

I found the love of contortion through learning healthy ways to challenge and support my body. She understands that every body has different needs and goals, and there are many creative ways to achieve them without over-stressing ourselves. I can’t recommend Kristina’s coaching enough. As someone who started training in my mid 30s and is going strong in my mid 40s (with many more years ahead!) I owe so much to Kristina’s wealth of knowledge and support.”