September 18, 2023

Lorna Campbell, Educator

by veridylan in

Lorna Campbell Educator Fit & Bendy

“I cannot praise Kristina enough for the life-changing transformation she has guided me through. When I first approached her, I was over 300 lbs, unable to get up from a chair, bound to wheelchairs at airports, and in constant pain in my joints, and I could barely  walk to my mailbox. My life was limited, my body was failing me, and my hope was dwindling.

Kristina was a beacon of support, encouragement, and expertise. Over the years, her specialized training not only helped me shed weight but restored my mobility, alleviated my joint pains, and remarkably improved my foot neuropathy. 

Today, thanks to Kristina, I have power-walked multiple 5K races, climbed pyramids in Mexico, embraced an active lifestyle, and live entirely pain-free. More than that, she has given me back control, joy, and a quality of life I never thought possible. 

Her approach transcends mere exercise routines; it’s about holistic well-being, resilience, and reclaiming one’s life. I owe her more than words can express. My transformation is a testament to her skill, compassion, and dedication. If you seek a change, if you seek a new beginning, look no further than Kristina. She doesn’t just train bodies; she transforms lives.”