September 18, 2023

Natasha Wang, International Pole Champion

by veridylan in

“I’ve worked with many contortion and flexibility coaches in my travels around the world, and Kristina Neykia is by far the most knowledgeable and fun. As a certified Pilates instructor, she knows her stuff when it comes to body mechanics. She’s able to cue exactly where to lengthen, adjust, relax or engage in order to achieve the best and bendiest results, but always with a performer’s career longevity in mind, which I love.

She knows as dancers and movement teachers ourselves, our bodies are our bread and butter, and while we want results, we don’t want them to come at the risk of injury. Kristina’s approach is methodical, nurturing and very results-oriented, but safe. The fact that she’s funny, witty, has good taste in music and is cool is of course, a plus!”