September 18, 2023

Scott James, Yogi & Athlete

by veridylan in

“Kristina is, effectively, a physical therapist, podiatrist, personal trainer, Pilates and yoga instructor all wrapped into one. I’ve worked with upwards of a dozen well-qualified trainers and injury professionals around the world over the years, and Kristina’s attention to detail, knowledge of biomechanics, eye for correct form, and personal involvement in an athlete’s improvement have been second to none.

Working with Kristina via Skype has been remarkably effective; I’m always amazed at what tiny muscle twitches and subtle form errors she can spot over video. While I look forward to getting some studio time in with her in the future, working with Kristina over Skype is time very well spent.

Kristina is a true “biomechanics nerd”, always passing along helpful resources to me, and is humble enough to spend her own time researching the odd aches and pains I get and coming back with solutions unique to my training regimen.

I consider working with Kristina to be an essential requirement for any endurance athlete interested in staying proactive about injury prevention and increasing their economy of motion.”