Contortion based tools to improve mobility at home. Become a bendy beast!

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I’m Kristina, your Mobility Coach

Kristina Nekyia Canizares Fit & Bendy

Welcome! I’m a mobility and contortion coach based in Los Angeles, California.

I started training Mongolian Contortion at 30 – decades behind the curve – after years of debilitating illness. To achieve those difficult contortion poses I had to learn everything I could about how the body increases strength and flexibility together.

You can read more about my bendy journey here.

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Contortion based tools to improve mobility at home. Become a bendy beast!

Fit & Bendy Kristina Nekyia Canizares standing splits

What is Mobility Training?

Mobility training is the way contortionists and dancers learn to be strong AND flexible by increasing Active Range of Motion (AROM).

Mobility = Flexibility + Strength + Control

Just like other physical traits – strength, endurance, and balance – anyone can train to improve mobility at any age, size, gender, and ability.

Mobility training can help you feel better, move better, and give you impressive range of motion for the rest of your life.

Do I Need Mobility Training?

I have taught contortion and mobility workouts to thousands of clients around the world. Mobility training can address chronic tightness, movement impairment, hypermobile joints, and injury recovery.

Some of the goals that mobility workouts can address:

  • Learn the splits pain-free
  • Graceful backbend poses
  • Touch your toes with ease
  • Rebuild range of motion after injury/illness/inactivity
  • Reduce tightness in joints and muscles
  • Build hip and ankle flexibility for full squats & lunges
  • Develop range of motion for activities like aerial, dance, pole dance, martial arts & yoga

When you improve your mobility, you are:

  • Less likely to be injured
  • Need less warm-up time
  • Improving posture and body mechanics
  • Less likely to experience chronic pain
  • Able to use your flexibility to move around and do cool stuff
Single leg shoulder bridge Fit & Bendy Kristina Nekyia Canizares


Kristina Nekyia Canizares Pretzel Stretch Fit and Bendy

I founded Fit & Bendy in 2012 because I saw how many other people struggled with mobility. I wanted to share tools and techniques that are proven effective and life-changing.

In 2017, I started working with musician Billie Eilish, joining her on the road for the Happier Than Ever Tour as her personal trainer and mobility coach. 

Through my work I have seen how mobility exercises can improve not just movement and range of motion, but overall fitness and quality of life.

The Fit & Bendy online programs pull decades of coaching experience together into one place. I’ll bring mobility training to you in your living room (or wherever you like to work out), whenever you want it!